“This is a very engaging novel…London’s character is very well fleshed out, and the struggle he has, both with adjusting to his new-found fame and dealing with the tragedies of his past, is extremely compelling.” 
~ Judge, Writer’s Digest 21st Annual Self-Published Book Awards

When he was 11 years old, tragedy thrust London Drake and his tight-knit family into the spotlight of the media where stories of murder and suicide suddenly defined them. Years later, London is a musician, struggling to redefine his identity in a more positive way. After a series of casual and failed relationships, a successful record deal, and years of therapy, the ghosts of London’s past continue to haunt him. As he struggles to define a legacy outside of tragedy, London meets Katorah, an aspiring music journalist who inspires London to want a serious relationship. But when his own insecurities about love and family convince him not to trust Katorah, London must learn that his true demons will only be conquered when he is able to forgive himself and his family and trust in the goodness of others. 

They All Fall Down is a powerful story, based on true events, about how our perceptions of self either move us forward or hold us back. It is a book about the power of a human being to transcend tragedy and find happiness in a world that doesn’t always make success easy. The reader will love, hate, empathize, and cheer for London Drake. They All Fall Down is a book for anyone who has struggled with the question, “Who am I and what do I want to contribute to the world?” It challenges readers to think about the very things that shape who they are.