Since its release, They All Fall Down has garnered positive reviews from readers of all ages.

Sample reviews include:

“You absolutely can’t help cheering for London Drake as he develops into success and self-actualization. The book is an easy read, yet powerful, especially when you think that several of these events are based on true life. A wonderful debut novel by two people I hope to see more from!”

“The combined work of J.A. Blake and Nick Moccia has produced a beautiful story that will forever hold a place in my heart.”

“One of my favorite books ever from two of the most amazing writers.”

“I read this book in one setting because I was compelled to take the journey with London Drake. While parts of the story were kind of predictable, it was the relationships that kept me reading. I could also picture very clearly the locations in the book even though the authors did not go into great detail describing them. A good read that will stick with me for some time.”

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